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Meet Tessa Mazotti

My name is Tessa Mazotti, owner and creator of Monarch Skin Studio. MSS was established in 2016 after my own personal struggles and insecurities related to my skin: melasma and hyperpigmentation. I knew the importance of not only looking my best, but feeling my best. I turned to my growth from life’s experiences and the hardships of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. This was my motivation to understand self-worth, self-love and self-care. It has become my passion to help others seeing their own light within and shine.

I was desperately looking for a focused and custom-tailored way to target my specific struggles, without taking any invasive measure. I truly wanted something geared towards a holistic and an overall wellness approach. Self-care, like regular facials and proper daily skincare, has been a huge key to effectively create a balance to simplify and reset the skins natural potential – I am here to not only guide you through techniques and products, but further give you the knowledge and confidence in your own journey. It has been a lifelong goal to establish awareness that skincare is connected to healthcare. I have always been passionate about understanding the connection of the mind and body in order to achieve a healthy transformation beginning from within. The most important steps you can take for your best self and good skin starts from within.

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"Monarch Skin studio is much more than a beauty spa. We have created a unique, tranquil place for self-care and pampering, truly a sanctuary."

—Monarch Skin Studio Team

Training & Credientials

  • Certified in Reconstructive Facelift, Sculpturing and Contour Facial Massage

  • Certification of Advance Peels and Custom Treatments for Skin Conditions

  • Certification for Nano Technology (Micro- Channeling) 

Meet The Team